Lancelot and the Dragon – Fraternal Compagnia

Benjamin Gould and Stefania lo Russo, Commedia dell'Arte

Lancelot Says his Last Goodbye to his Beloved Elsa (Fraternal Compagnia, Bologna 2012).

10-15th Aug 2012 / Monghidoro and Bologna (Italy)

The middle ages. A town ravaged by a brutal and heartless dragon who can change its form at will. Extorting the local villagers of their food, animals and daughters it affords them nothing more than its protection. Enter a man, a knight, an indomitable warrior and champion for the people. Enter… Lancelot!

Yet things are not as they seem, who is the dragon and who is not? Do the villagers even want to be saved? Will Lancelot ever manage to wed his newfound long lost disinterested soulmate Elsa?

Witty, energetic and full of physical virtuosity this is a hilarious retelling of the classic tale. Questioning heroism and politics in general this tale is much more than mere comedy!

Starring Emanuela BolcoBenjamin Gould, Daniela Morandini, Stefania lo Russo and Alice Valente.

Directed by Massimo Macchiavelli, Artistic Director – Fraternal Compagnia (Bologna).