Love in the Time of y Pestis – Sometime Soon Arts


Benjamin Gould with Sometime Soon Arts, Commedia dell'Arte, Street Theatre

Photo: Claire Raftery

22-23 June 2012 / Ashbourne Festival, Ashbourne

1586, the plague has come to Ashbourne. With 60 people already dead who’s next? Could it be that even the upper classes will be affected by this peasant’s disease?

Lord Cockayne is running out of time to save the town. Sir Peter Fletchville is already on the way and without a solid plan he’s sure to remove Cockayne from his standing and take over the town for himself. Can the hermit in the woods help out or will Cockayne be forced to follow his son’s ludicrous plans for saving the town.

A parody on the history of Ashbourne during the plague times, this sharp, bold, exciting piece of street theatre cannot fail to entertain.

Starring Benjamin Gould, Florencia Leon, Ben Phillips and Peter Sundby.

Directed by Graham Shackell, Artistic Director – Sometime Soon Arts (Brighton).