Romeo and Juliet


Commedia of Errors Theatre Company Presents Romeo and Juliet Poster, Commedia dell'Arte,

Poster by Ben Craig and Patrick Gould

What a great production and what fun we had! See below for further information and even watch a little taster from the show on the link at the bottom!


Romeo. Juliet. Tragedy? Not this time! Commedia of Errors Theatre Company have transformed one of Shakespeare’s greatest sob stories into a riotous comedy. Find the bard’s classic text given a complete Commedia dell’Arte makeover. With lashings of slapstick, mime and physical comedy and all of the truth and heartbreak of the original, it’s a cocktail not to be missed! This new adaptation of the classic tale of love and loss will leave you lost for words.

What reviewers said

“From wooing to dying, every move and line is delivered with ludicrous energy.”

“Like a Christmas pantomime, there is no need to suspend disbelief. The fourth wall comes crashing down with a wink and a nod.”


Adaptation and Direction: Benjamin Gould

Production: Rebecca Targett

Assistant Director: Kate Baiden

Cast: Geoff Beale, Cathy Conneff, Lindsey Crow, Alec Fellows-Bennet, Benjamin Gould, George Jovanovic and Ragnar Petursson

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