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Benjamin Gould, Artistic Director of Commedia of Errors Theatre Company

Photo: Caroline Webster

A message from Benjamin Gould

Joining our Pals scheme is a chance for you to become an active supporter of Commedia of Errors Theatre Company, being more involved in the life of our company (including invitations to exclusive events), as well as helping us to fund new and exciting enterprises.

As a new company we rely on the help and support of our Pals to help us through these difficult initial times. Staging a production is an extremely expensive process but even small contributions can help a great deal: £50 will cover the materials needed to make a mask, while £300 could cover the costumes for a whole production.

We aim to work in large and small venues alike, offering small communities the same experiences as urban metropolises. As our company continues to expand we aim to offer performances to those audiences not commonly seen at the theatre, attempting to be inclusive in our work and offering everyone the chance to enjoy our performances.

Our skills programme is also a vital part of our company, seeking to build and develop the skills of actors and students alike. Whether it be helping people find confidence in themselves or just offering them an opportunity to clown around, we hope to facilitate their needs.

Our funding is a vital part of this process and it is only with the help of others that we can continue to offer performances of such detail, energy and magic; that take an audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions and that leave them smiling all the way home.

Please join us in our struggle to make theatre that is inclusive, artistically brilliant and  really just a bit of a laugh…

Benjamin Gould
Founder and Artistic Director


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